Saturday, April 12, 2014

Parking dispute

Parking (closed, not guilty)

I did park at the side of street having no parking signs.
Inspecting other parts of the street against parking limitations, I find out that on my side of the street parking is allowed all days except Tue, Fri 8:00-9:30 am.
It was a night-time Sun-Mon, so I decided that my car is 100% safe even if a street had some missing parking signs.

Please look at the Map:
  • My car had been parked at Brighton 14 st. between intersections with Broadwalk E and T-junction to Brighton 15st.
  • My street part and side has no posted parking limitations.
  • The street continuation behind the intersection has a posted limits Tue,Fri 8am-9:30am.
  • A "No Standing Any Time" signs are mounted on BroadwalkE and Brighton 15st.

Here is my Car from rear
(all images are clickable)

My car from Front (the one behind Audi)

Here is a fragment of Brighton14 intersection-to intersection.
No signs posted.

I also have a video showing my car, with license plate
and whole street intersection-to-intersection

High quality videos can be viwed here(opens in separate window)

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